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icon_arrow-gray   ACSM's health & fitness journal
icon_arrow-gray   Adapted physical activity quarterly
icon_arrow-gray   Aikido journal
icon_arrow-gray   American fencing magazine
icon_arrow-gray   American journal of clinical nutrition
icon_arrow-gray   American journal of sports medicine
icon_arrow-gray   Applied physiology, nutrition, and metabolism (2006-current ; Previous title : Canadian journal of applied physiology 1993-2005)
icon_arrow-gray   Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation
icon_arrow-gray   ASPETAR sports medicine journal
icon_arrow-gray   ASSH publications (Australian Society for Sports History)
icon_arrow-gray   Athletic insight (Online Journal of Sport Psychology - 2009-2015)
icon_arrow-gray   Athletics weekly
icon_arrow-gray   Australian journal of physiotherapy (1955-2009)
icon_arrow-gray  Australian tennis magazine


icon_arrow-gray   Badminton Denmark
icon_arrow-gray   Badminton Europe
icon_arrow-gray   Bicycling
icon_arrow-gray   Bike Magazine
icon_arrow-gray   Biology of sport
icon_arrow-gray   Bowler journal international
icon_arrow-gray   Bowling world
icon_arrow-gray   British cycling
icon_arrow-gray   British journal of sports medicine
icon_arrow-gray   British Rowing


icon_arrow-gray   Canadian Medical Association journal
icon_arrow-gray   Chiropractic and Manual Therapies
icon_arrow-gray   Climbing
icon_arrow-gray   Clinical journal of sport medicine
icon_arrow-gray   Clinics in sports medicine
icon_arrow-gray   Coach & A.D. (Coach and athletic director)
icon_arrow-gray   Coaching management (2011-2013)
icon_arrow-gray   Coaching science abstracts (1995-2018)
icon_arrow-gray   Cricketer ( previous title: The wisden cricketer )
icon_arrow-gray   Croquet world online magazine


icon_arrow-gray   Dance magazine
icon_arrow-gray   Dance research journal


icon_arrow-gray   Escrime XXI
icon_arrow-gray   ESPN golf online
icon_arrow-gray   European journal of applied physiology
icon_arrow-gray   European journal of physiotherapy (2013-current; previous title: Advances in physiotherapy 1999-2012)
icon_arrow-gray   Exercise and sport sciences reviews
icon_arrow-gray   Exercise immunology review


icon_arrow-gray   Fencing.Net
icon_arrow-gray   FIFA 1904
icon_arrow-gray   Fitness journal (IDEA Health & Fitness Association)
icon_arrow-gray   Foot and ankle international


icon_arrow-gray   Gait and posture
icon_arrow-gray   Gearhead magazine
icon_arrow-gray   Golf digest
icon_arrow-gray   Golf week


icon_arrow-gray   Health day (news for healthier living)
icon_arrow-gray   HER Fund
icon_arrow-gray   Hockey news
icon_arrow-gray   Hong Kong Association of Sports Medicine and Sports Science
icon_arrow-gray   Hong Kong Badminton Association - badminton news
icon_arrow-gray   Hong Kong, China Rowing Association
icon_arrow-gray   Hong Kong Golf Association
icon_arrow-gray   Hong Kong Recreation Management Association - Hong Kong recreation review
icon_arrow-gray   Human movement science


icon_arrow-gray   Injury
icon_arrow-gray   International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education - scientific resources
icon_arrow-gray   International figure skating
icon_arrow-gray   International gymnast media
icon_arrow-gray   International journal of athletic therapy & training (previous title: Athletic therapy today)
icon_arrow-gray   International journal of applied sports sciences
icon_arrow-gray   International journal of performance analysis in sport
icon_arrow-gray   International journal of sport and exercise psychology
icon_arrow-gray   International journal of sport nutrition and exercise metabolism
icon_arrow-gray   International journal of sports medicine
icon_arrow-gray   International journal of sports physiology and performance
icon_arrow-gray   International journal of the history of sport
icon_arrow-gray   Internatonal Netball Federation
icon_arrow-gray   International Orienteering Federation - publications
icon_arrow-gray   International review for the sociology of sport
icon_arrow-gray   International review of sport and exercise psychology
icon_arrow-gray   International Shooting Sport Federation
icon_arrow-gray   International Table Tennis Federation
icon_arrow-gray   International Tennis Federation
icon_arrow-gray   International Wushu Federation - publications
icon_arrow-gray   ITF coaching and sport science review


icon_arrow-gray   Journal of aging and physical activity
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of applied biomechanics
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of applied physiology
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of applied psychology
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of applied sport psychology
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of athletic training
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of biomechanics
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of bodywork and movement therapies
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of electromyography and kinesiology
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of excellence (1998-2014)
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of exercise physiology online
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of exercise science and fitness (2003-current ; previous title: HK journal of sports medicine & sports science)
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of medicine and science in tennis
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of manipulative and physiological therapeutics
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of manual and manipulative therapy
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of orthopaedic & sports physical therapy
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of orthopaedic research
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of physical activity and health
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of physical education, recreation and dance
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of physical therapy science
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of physiology
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of quantitative analysis in sports
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of science and cycling
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of science and medicine in sport
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of sport & tourism
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of sport and exercise psychology
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of sport and social issues
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of sport management
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of sport rehabilitation
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of sports science and medicine
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of sports sciences
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of strength and conditioning research
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of teaching in physical education
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition
icon_arrow-gray   Journal of the philosophy of sport


icon_arrow-gray   Knee
icon_arrow-gray   Knee surgery, sports traumatology, arthroscopy
icon_arrow-gray   Kung fu tai chi magazine


icon_arrow-gray   LA84 Foundation Digital Library
icon_arrow-gray   Leisure sciences
icon_arrow-gray   Leisure studies


icon_arrow-gray   Macao sport
icon_arrow-gray   Managing sport and leisure (2015-current; previous title: Managing leisure 1995-2014)
icon_arrow-gray   Medical journal of Australia
icon_arrow-gray   Medicine and science in sports and exercise
icon_arrow-gray   Medicine online
icon_arrow-gray   Motor control
icon_arrow-gray   Musculoskeletal science & practice (previous title: Manual therapy)


icon_arrow-gray   National fitness trade journal
icon_arrow-gray   NBA inside stuff
icon_arrow-gray   New England journal of medicine
icon_arrow-gray   NSCA - journals


icon_arrow-gray   Olympic review
icon_arrow-gray   Olympika: the international journal of olympic studies (International Centre for Olympic Studies)
icon_arrow-gray   Operative techniques in orthopaedics
icon_arrow-gray   Operative techniques in sports medicine
icon_arrow-gray   Orthopaedic journal of sports medicine
icon_arrow-gray   Orthopaedics and trauma (previous title: Current orthopaedics)
icon_arrow-gray   Orthopedic clinics of North America
icon_arrow-gray   Our game magazine (women's soccer)


icon_arrow-gray   Paddle Emagazine
icon_arrow-gray   PanStadia & arena management
icon_arrow-gray   Peak performance sports
icon_arrow-gray   Pediatric exercise science
icon_arrow-gray   Physical education and sport pedagogy
icon_arrow-gray   Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong, China
icon_arrow-gray   Physical therapy & rehabilitation journal (previous title: Physical therapy journal)
icon_arrow-gray   Physical therapy in sport
icon_arrow-gray   Physician and sportsmedicine
icon_arrow-gray   Physiotherapy theory and practice
icon_arrow-gray   Pool and billiard magazine
icon_arrow-gray   Professionalization of exercise physiology online
icon_arrow-gray   PsyCh journal
icon_arrow-gray   Psychology and aging
icon_arrow-gray   Psychology of sport and exercise


icon_arrow-gray   Quest


icon_arrow-gray   Research in sports medicine: an international journal (2003-current; previous title: Sports medicine, training and rehabilitation 1988-2002)
icon_arrow-gray   Rowing Canada aviron
icon_arrow-gray   Rugby world
icon_arrow-gray   Runner's world (UK)
icon_arrow-gray   Runner's world (USA)


icon_arrow-gray   Sail magazine
icon_arrow-gray   Sailing world
icon_arrow-gray   Scandinavian journal of medicine and science in sports
icon_arrow-gray   Scottish cycling
icon_arrow-gray   SHARP America - journals (Soceity of Health and Physical Educators)
icon_arrow-gray   Shotokan karate magazine
icon_arrow-gray   Sociological research online
icon_arrow-gray   Sociology of sport journal
icon_arrow-gray   Southern medical journal
icon_arrow-gray   Spikes (World Athletics)
icon_arrow-gray   Spine
icon_arrow-gray   SPONET of the IAT (Information Communication Sport, Germany)
icon_arrow-gray   Sport business
icon_arrow-gray   Sport history review
icon_arrow-gray   Sport in history
icon_arrow-gray   Sport in society (2001-2005)
icon_arrow-gray   Sport journal
icon_arrow-gray   Sport management review
icon_arrow-gray   Sport marketing quarterly
icon_arrow-gray   Sport psychologist
icon_arrow-gray   Sport, business and management: an international journal
icon_arrow-gray   Sport, education and society
icon_arrow-gray   Sports biomechanics
icon_arrow-gray   Sports business journal
icon_arrow-gray   Sports engineering (1998 - 2002)
icon_arrow-gray   Sports engineering (2003 - )
icon_arrow-gray   Sports health: a multidisciplinary approach
icon_arrow-gray   Sports illustrated
icon_arrow-gray   Sports medicine and arthroscopy review
icon_arrow-gray   Sports medicine update
icon_arrow-gray   Sports 'n spokes
icon_arrow-gray   Sports technology (2008-2015)
icon_arrow-gray   Sportscience
icon_arrow-gray   SportsField Management (Previous title: SportsTurf)
icon_arrow-gray   Squash magazine
icon_arrow-gray   Squash player
icon_arrow-gray   Stadia
icon_arrow-gray   Strength and conditioning journal
icon_arrow-gray   Student BMJ
icon_arrow-gray   Surfer magazine
icon_arrow-gray   Swimming science journal
icon_arrow-gray   Swimming world magazine
icon_arrow-gray   Sword


icon_arrow-gray   Target (2005-2016)
icon_arrow-gray   Track and field news
icon_arrow-gray   Training and conditioning
icon_arrow-gray   Triathlete


icon_arrow-gray   US equestrian magazine


icon_arrow-gray   VeloNews
icon_arrow-gray   Volleyball magazine


icon_arrow-gray   Women's soccer scene
icon_arrow-gray   World Taekwondo Federation
icon_arrow-gray   World Triathlon
icon_arrow-gray   World weightlifting magazine


icon_arrow-gray   Yachts & Yachting


icon_arrow-gray   220 triathlon